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Allergy   Email/Print Print Pdf
CANINE ALLERGY What are allergies, and how do they affect dogs? One of the most common conditions affecting dogs is allergy.  In the allergic state, the dog's immune system "overre......
Craig/db 6/6/07 allergy.rtf
Approach by Strangers   Email/Print Print Pdf
  Approach by Strangers     Before starting this training, your dog should know how to sit and stay at your side and have completed the relaxation protocol. Please use t......
M. Lucinda Craig DV approach_strangers.rtf
Behavioral Medication   Email/Print Print Pdf
Does Your Puppy Need Prozac?     While the majority of dogs do not need Prozac for behavior problems, this option is now available for dogs. Behavioral medicine along wi......
M. Lucinda Craig DV behavioral_pharmacology.rtf
Cast Care   Email/Print Print Pdf
Cast Care Please keep the cast dry. Use a plastic bag to cover the cast when your pet is going outside. Closely monitor the toes for swelling. Please call the hospital immediately if you no......
Molloy/db 6/28/07 cast_care.rtf
Cherry Eye - Prolapse of the Canine Gland Nictatans   Email/Print Print Pdf
Cherry Eye                                &nbs......
Chocolate Toxicity   Email/Print Print Pdf
Chocolate Toxicity     Theobromine and caffine each have an LD50 of 100 to 200 mg/kg, but severe and life-threatening clinical signs may be seen well below this dose.  Based......
Dog Safety Skills   Email/Print Print Pdf
Safety Skills All dogs need to be taught safe handling skills to decrease the chance of aggression and increase your family's enjoyment of their pet. The Collar Grab -   It is important t......
craig/db 7/31/07 safety_skills.rtf
Dog Training Manual   Email/Print Print Pdf
Please see the pdf document to view this file. ......
Craig dog_training.pdf
Dominance Versus Leadership in Dog Training   Email/Print Print Pdf
Dominance Versus Leadership in Dog Training By Sophia Yin, DVM, MS University of California, Davis     Whether treating separation anxiety, fear aggression, or general unruly be......
kas Dominance in dog training.pdf
Emergency Down   Email/Print Print Pdf
Emergency Down     This is a method to teach your dog to lie down at a distance and to lie down when he/she is running. Before you start, your dog should reliably lie down on......
M. Lucinda Craig DV emergency_down.rtf
Environmental Enrichment Enhances Quality of Life for Your Cat   Email/Print Print Pdf
    From the American Association of Feline Practitioners Providing an Enriched Environment can increase activity, decrea......
Feeding Orphan Puppies   Email/Print Print Pdf
Feeding Orphan Puppies Most female dogs are excellent mothers. But occasionally, when the momma dog is very young or is one of the temperamental toy breeds, it may neglect its offspring.......
Craig/db 6/28/07 feeding orphan puppies.rtf
Feline Maximum Care Neuter   Email/Print Print Pdf
Please keep this letter as it contains your pet's post surgical care instructions.     Your cat is scheduled for a maximum care neuter.  Neutering is the surgical removal......
Feline Maximum Care Spay   Email/Print Print Pdf
Please keep this form as instruction of post surgical care for your feline companion. Your cat is scheduled for a maximum care spay. A spay is the surgical removal of your cats ovarie......
Feline Pediatric Care   Email/Print Print Pdf
Pediatric Care Feline Congratulations on your new pet. We, the doctors and staff of the Baker House Animal Hospital, strive to keep your kitten happy and healthy throughout his/her lifetime. ......
Craig/db 6/6/07 pediatric_care_feline.rtf
Food Trial   Email/Print Print Pdf
Food Allergy It is suspected that your pet has a food allergy. In both dog and cats food allergy can cause non seasonal pruritus (itchiness).......
Genetic mysteries unlocked   Email/Print Print Pdf
Genetic Mysteries Unlocked! Mars Wisdom Panel TM MX How many times have you been asked about the make-up of your mixed breed dog?  Thanks to pioneering research by Mars Veterinary, some......
Nick Kolar
GI Upset   Email/Print Print Pdf
Gastrointestinal Upset Your dog has been diagnosed with vomiting and/or diarrhea. The most frequent cause of mild gastrointestinal upset is dietary indiscretion, such as eating table food or......
Craig/db 6/28/07 gi_upset.rtf
Hand Raising Baby Bunnies   Email/Print Print Pdf
  HAND RAISING BABY BUNNIES It is possible to hand raise infant bunnies, however mortality rates are high. The age and physical condition of the infant when abandoned/found will in part det......
Craig/db 6/28/07 raising_bunnies.txt
Hand Raising Orphan Kittens   Email/Print Print Pdf
Feeding Orphan Kittens Kittens may need hand raising for a few reasons: death or illness of the mother, rejection by the mother, or inadequate milk supply. Many people find hand raising kitt......
Molloy/db 6/28/07 feeding orphan kittens.rtf
Help My Dog Fights   Email/Print Print Pdf
Help my Dog Fight s     This article addresses dogs that fight with strange dogs, not sibling rivalry.  Normal canine behavior involves ritualized aggression and posturing. A......
House Training   Email/Print Print Pdf
House Training     House training is the first hurdle most pet owners must overcome before having a long-  term relationship with their new pet. House training is not an imp......
Craig/db 6/6/07 successful house training.rtf
How to Help Your Cat Have Pleasant Veterinary Visits   Email/Print Print Pdf
How to Help Your Cat Have Pleasant Veterinary Visits   From the American Association of Feline Practitioners Fear is the primary......
How to Prevent Cats from Scratching in Undesirable Areas   Email/Print Print Pdf
    From the American Association of Feline Practitioners Scratching is normal cat behavior, serving to groom the front......
How to remove skunk odor   Email/Print Print Pdf
How to remove skunk odor ingredients: 1 cup white vinegar 2 teaspoons soap (pet shampoo, dishwashing soap) Juice; from one lemon 2 tablespoons baking soda ......

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